Civil Litigation

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Civil litigation cases often refer to cases that happen within civil society and between individuals. They can take place either amongst one person and another who were unrelated, or who do not have any legal obligations to one another. Civil litigation cases can also be handled outside of court, mostly with the negotiating occurring between legal representatives and the parties themselves. However, when a case does need to go to trial for further resolution, our civil litigation attorneys are right there with you, every step of the way.

Property Disputes

Property disputes occur when the demarcations on segments of land are not clear or there are complaints about how one uses the nearby land. Whether you're having trouble negotiating with your neighbor about where to build a fence or who should pay for it, or your neighborhood doesn't have clear indications about where the estate starts and stops, property disputes and our civil litigation attorneys can quickly find solutions to your property dispute problems.

Tort Cases

Tort cases refer specifically to when one party is negligent towards another party resulting in injury or harm to one involved party. Tort cases can happen in several different ways, but our civil litigation attorneys are well-versed in the types of tort cases that can be handled through standard civil litigation. Usually, the injury itself and the representation of the victim by a personal injury lawyer is what distinguishes torts from generic criminal cases that are instead prosecuted by the state. For example, if you were involved in an accident that injured another person unwillingly, they might be able to bring a tort case against you for negligence and compensation.

Contract Violations and Disputes

Contract violations and disputes are one of the main civil litigation cases that we often see. This is because people sign contracts with one another or businesses all the time and a contract are legally binding in most cases. For example, both tenants and landlords sign contracts when one moves into a property. The tenant understands that by signing the contract, they must abide by certain house rules while renting from the owner. Likewise, the landlord understands that they must respect the tenant in some regard while they rent the property. If one of these parties breaks a clause in the contract, it could be brought into civil litigation for further dispute and settlement.

Class Action Cases

Class action lawsuits acknowledge the representation of a plaintiff who is suing a defendant. The plaintiff can either be one person or multiple people with similar complaints towards the same person or group of people, such as business, company, or organization. In the past, this has famously included students filing class-action lawsuits against a school or superior board authority, or customers who were victims of a data privacy breach, filing complaints against the company who exposed their information. We represent various types of class action lawsuits through civil litigation, to reach appropriate settlements that benefit the plaintiffs as a whole and individually.


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