Debt Collection

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The election is another type of legal services that would willingly offer. This is because we understand many clients are owed financial funds but do not know how to obtain them from the other party. With our debt collection services, we're able to help you get all of the financial funds that you are owed, as well as pursuing any legal obligations towards the other party that we may need to adequately collect the funds. In some cases, however, this is usually not necessary.

Business Debt Collection

Business debt collection typically includes the collecting of owed funds between an individual and the business. We often see this occurring between the tenant and a rental agency where the tenant did not pay rent and the agency would like those funds returned. Other forms of business debt collection include receiving services that one promised to pay for but never did. If those payments accrued interest, the interest will then likely be owed on top of the funds themselves as well. Lastly, if you had a contract signed with the business they may also be able to file a case against you for breaching the contract that stated you would pay the specific amount owed at a specific time.

Personal Debt Collection

If you live in the North Myrtle Beach area and you are owed a significant amount of money from someone else, we may be able to help you retrieve that money. If there are any contracts, former legal obligations to one another, or any details that could improve your case, it is important to let us know when meeting with us beforehand. In most cases, the person who is owed personal funds or assets, whether it be a previous partner took a loan that was never paid back, or an old roommate took items that weren’t theirs to take, will have their cases handled in small claims court.

Credit Card Collection

Credit card collections are done when you have failed to pay the owed funds on your credit card within the first 6 months that it was due. After this, the credit card companies will often refer to a third-party legal professional, such as ourselves, who can take control of the debt collection on their behalf. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your credit cards balanced at all times, to avoid having legal measures pursued in place of paying credit card debt owed.

Avoiding Court Proceedings

If you want to avoid court proceedings, with anything regarding debt collection, it is important to stay on top of your payments at all times.  If you are unable to do so, then obtaining legal representation to mediate with the other party’s legal advisor, can further help build a financial payment plan and negotiate the terms of the debt owed without the need to go to court. Solving the cases through civil litigation between parties can reduce the extended fees that come with trials and other formal court proceedings.


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