Family Law

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Family law can often include various types of cases dealing with the household, family unit, or property. In such scenarios, we help clients handle family law cases regarding child custody battles, divorces, marriages, and any other concerns regarding the general family - whether you’re in current proceedings or you need help filing documents with the court regarding a family law case -  we’re here to provide assistance and legal guidance to help walk you through the entire process.

Child Custody

Child custody cases usually happen when the two parents or legal guardians of a child are trying to determine what would be in the best interest of the child for guardianship and care. Often, child custody cases require the assistance of both a social worker who can analyze the child’s well-being as well as an attorney who specializes in family law and can provide assistance on the legal process behind gaining child custody or splitting child custody and visitation between the two parents or legal guardians.

Divorce Settlements

Divorces can be challenging on anyone and they happen when two people are married and no longer would like to be legally. We help with both filing divorce papers as well as gaining all of the signatures needed to ensure that the papers legally go through the system and finalize your divorce. We will also work with you to help divide any assets and arrange any other logistics within the divorce, which can include anything from payments that are due to one another, splitting debt, child custody, and even determining which spouse is owed what when the divorce is finalized.

Property Settlements

Property settlements typically revolve around the house or any properties that were purchased together as a family unit. This could mean that if you purchased a piece of property with your spouse but are currently going through a divorce, the property itself needs to be divided amongst the two owners. In such a case, one party may decide to give the property to another or the property can be settled and split fairly through a lengthy proceeding to divide it evenly for what it’s worth.

Alimony or Child Support

When a divorce is finalized, sometimes one spouse will be required to pay monthly or annual payments to the former spouse. This is called ‘alimony.’ Alimony is intended to financially make up the difference of any work or income that was potentially lost during the marriage because one spouse was not working, while the other was. Furthermore, alimony is intended to provide temporary financial remedies to a former spouse for a limited period or until the former spouse decides to remarry. Likewise, child support also falls into a similar category because one parent is required to make monthly or annual payments to the other parent of a shared child who has full custody. Child support payments are intended to help financially raise the child until he or she turns 18 and can work or provide for themselves. All in all, both payments are intended to help one party be financially stable by themselves until they can supplement the financial means on their own.


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