Personal Injury

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Personal injury cases often refer to those where you’re the victim of an accident that resulted in injury through no fault of your own. Should this happen to you, you may be entitled to some compensation that covers the medical expenses of your recovery and your treatment. Personal injury cases can occur in all capacities whether you’re running an errand and slip and fall on the store or you’re in a public place such as school or church and you’re injured due to the exterior factors within the facility. When an accident does occur, it is important to take note of the day and time that it happened, as well as obtaining a medical assessment detailing the extent of your injuries.


Malpractice is a common form of personal injury. Malpractice occurs when you have been treated by a medical professional and your condition has either worsened or you have found it difficult to recover after being treated. As often happens in cases where someone has had surgery that was supposed to be beneficial in terms of health but instead made the supposed person iller. Malpractice cases are usually brought against the doctors who conducted or oversaw the medical treatment and are mediated with them as well to settle.


The common type of negligence happens in public places where the victim is visiting and sustained an injury because of negligence from the property manager, store owner, or business. A business of some sort, for example, you have recently had some employees mop the floor but you have not put out a sign indicating that the floor is wet, you could be putting customers in danger of slipping and falling. If a customer does slip and fall, you and your business will be at fault for negligence. Another type of negligence, for example, could be selling food items to a customer without listing the ingredients. If the customer becomes sick or has an allergic reaction, you could be held liable for negligence in both these cases and other similar cases as well.


Liability differs slightly from personal injury whereas a personal liability is intended to cover those who are on your property or within your means and have become injured. An example of this could include someone visiting your home and becoming injured while entering your space, although you are legally liable for their injuries. Personal liability insurance helps cover these types of claims. If you’re someone who is wanting to file these kinds of claims, you can also seek out our assistance to do so as well.

Intentional Wrongs

Intentional wrongs are another form of personal injury where a person has the intention to hurt you. This can be true in many cases that include domestic violence, assault, harassment, or other forms of forceful violence against the victim. What makes intentional wrongs different then other cases, is that the perpetrator performed those acts on purpose and to hurt the victim.


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