Auto Accidents

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Auto accidents often occur when we least expect them, however, when they do occur you’ll want professional legal representation to guide you through the process of filing claims with your insurance company as well as pressing charges, should you be a victim of an injury in the accident. In such cases, we serve as a liaison between you the other party’s legal representation and through the court system, so that you have your rights protected and fulfilled after an auto accident.


Collisions are often the result of one party and their negligence when driving on the road, however, whether you are the perpetrator or the victim in a collision, we provide professional legal assistance to help you find the right remedies for an accident. When you have been involved in a collision, we first recommend contacting your local emergency authorities for immediate assistance on the crash itself. Next, you should also contact your insurance company as well as a local lawyer who can assist in the recovery of auto accidents. Once you have gotten in touch, we will work with you and the insurance company and file claim to either reduce the fine required in court proceedings or represent you in a way that ensures  an adequate settlement for the collision, if you are the victim.

Auto Insurance

In cases of a collision, your auto insurance company will likely need to see the documentation of the collision itself from which you can gain this documentation from local enforcement authorities as well as from a body shop who has analyzed your car after the crash. Local mechanics can determine what the extent of the damages are and what needs to be repaired, but once you obtain this information we will help you file claims so that your insurance company can fully see the extent of the damages and start the settlement process with the other party’s insurance company as well.


If you are driving and are involved in a collision but do not have auto insurance, or you are involved in a collision with someone else who does not have auto insurance, you could be entitled to some compensation if you are the victim. If you do not have auto insurance and you are driving you may be required to pay a higher fine to the other party should you need legal representation during this process to either lower the fine or better understand what will happen in the meantime. We provide our professional legal feedback to give you as much insight as possible into the potential outcomes of the case, regardless of what side you are on.

Damages and Recovery

Damages and recovery are often part of the aftermath of an auto accident or a collision. Again, you will need verification of your auto insurance as well as a law-enforcement report of the accident, any inspections from an auto or mechanical professional who can assess the damage to building a strong enough claim that ensures your car’s damages and recovery are both eligible for repairs through insurance. Often, if you are the victim, the other party will be required to pay for the damages and recovery and this is where our job comes in handy, as we can negotiate on your behalf to ensure that if you are the victim, your rights are fulfilled and the other party is responsible for any back payments to the damages of your car or any medical bills associated with injuries from the accident.


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